About Us

Hello to my new, old, and future Airy family. My name is Aryanna and I am the CEO and Owner of ALLTHINGSAIRY. I want you to know that our company embraces every mom,boss,CEO,Dr,student,hair stylist, and every working woman that there is in the world. Our company prides ourself in supplying you with elegant extensions that provide you with a light and Airy experience that specifically caters to you.




How long does AllTHINGSAIRY last?

Allthingsairy hair can last more than 1.5 years with proper care. We highly recommend using non-sulfate shampoo and when air drying use a pea size of argon oil to seal the moisture.


How long is processing time?

Processing time is 3 business days, after the process stage you will receive shipping information for your order.


How long is shipping?

Shipping is between 3-5 business days after the process stage which is 3 days.


Does Allthingsairy offer refunds or exchanges?

No Allthingsairy doesn’t offer refunds or exchanges so please be sure to review your order and make sure you choose the proper lengths and textures that you desire.


How many bundles are recommended for a full look?

For inches 12-22 (3) bundles are recommended.

For inches 24-30 (4) bundles are recommended.

For inches 30-38 (4-5) bundles are recommended.


What kind of hair does AllThingsAiry supply?

Allthingsairy supplies 100% virgin Brazilian one donor hair. Our extensions have little to no shedding and very minimal tangling.